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The Secret To Amplify Sales BEFORE You Start Selling

In this episode you’ll discover a very simple (but tremendously powerful) strategy for amplifying results of any campaign BEFORE you actually start selling. And this strategy helped us sell our house in less than 48 hours.

Big Ideas

Create Anticipation [0:52]

Every single year, we have our big TRIBE Launch, and we always build up toward that launch. In fact, the date you should mark down is April 22, 2021. Why do I talk about that date so far in advance? Because it begins to build excitement. The same strategy can be utilized virtually in any type of campaign or promotion. For example, we recently bought a new home and we’re super excited about it. In the midst of that, we realized that it’s a seller’s market right now. And to maximize our equity we should probably sell our current home. So that’s exactly what we did.

In a mad scramble, we started to get everything ready to be able to sell our home, and things got into motion very quickly. We work with a real estate agent, Corrine, and she did something right away that is exactly what we’re talking about here as it relates to creating anticipation. She put a Coming Soon sign on our lawn. People who were looking for a house like ours already started to see that it was potentially going to be available, and they’ve already started a conversation about it. The amazing part about this story is that we listed our house on a Friday evening, and by Sunday afternoon we already had multiple offers over asking price.

Why am I sharing all this with you? Because it doesn’t matter whether you are selling a membership site, a course, a service, or a home. Whatever you’re selling, one of the most powerful things you can do is to create anticipation for the offer before you make it. I’ve got some tips for you to really amplify this whole concept.

Start with Your Date [4:47]

Number one, you have to start with your date. What is your date? I mentioned to you the date for the TRIBE Experience is April 22. You ought to mark it down, and then tell your friends. Another example of getting the date out there, January 14. You know why January 14 is a significant day? Because that’s the day when we are going to tell the world about the new features inside of Searchie. The game-changing features that will forever change the way you teach and the way your people learn. This is going to be a monumental day. So, don’t just release something. Pick a date when you’re going to release it and build anticipation toward that.

Start Telling People about Your Date [6:23]

Number two, you need to start telling people about your date. Can you give them a way to get updates? I was chatting with my brother-in-law and my sister because they are putting their house up for sale too. As a result, they were telling their real estate agent about the strategy we used by putting the Coming Soon sign out there. And their real estate agent said, “No, we don’t like doing that.” My brother-in-law asked why, and they said, “Well, it doesn’t help the situation.” My brother was like, “What are you talking about?” It creates anticipation. It creates excitement. People are now eager and wanting to see what it is that you have. So, if you don’t start telling people about your date, then there’s no excitement. You could have the date, but if you don’t tell anybody about it, there’s no excitement building towards it.

Keep Telling People about Your Date [8:10]

Number three, you have to keep telling people about your date. Don’t think that just because somebody heard it one time, they’re going to remember it. And that’s why I keep telling you about April 22 and January 14. Because the more people hear it, the more they remember it, and the more they get excited about it. You don’t have to give people updates the same way every single time, but you can give them updates in terms of things that you’re releasing or building toward that. You can give them behind-the-scenes as you’re getting closer and closer to that date. You can give them different types of reminders. But the bottom line is that you want to keep telling people about your date.

One of the things that we started doing is getting t-shirts made every year with the date in a big bold font right on the chest of the t-shirt. I was joking around about even getting my license plate changed with this specific day. You want to find creative ways to keep that date in front of people and continue to build anticipation toward the actual launch. Whether it’s with the house putting the Coming Soon sign on the lawn, or the release of a new piece of software like Searchie on January 14, or the release of the TRIBE Experience on April 22, you want to keep the date in front of people, and you want to build excitement toward it.

Memorable Quote

“Whatever you’re selling, one of the most powerful things that you can do is to create anticipation for the offer before you make it.” – Stu McLaren

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