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Her Membership Site Got Off to a Blazing Hot Start

In this episode, Sapphire Gray joins the podcast to share how she got off to a blazing hot start with her membership and generated $40K+ in just 4 days with a very small audience! 

Interview with Sapphire Gray

Growing the Audience [0:24]

Stu McLaren: Sapphire, can you give some context in terms of who is it that you serve in your market? And had you had an audience beforehand that you had been growing?

Sapphire Gray: I help busy professional women interested in investing to get into the property space. It could be in their own kind of business or they could be working for someone. 

My background is a business coach, and I helped private clients with their property business. A lot of people were asking me for help with investing, so I decided to do something about it. I thought to myself, “Could I do this with a membership?” and with your encouraging words, it was possible to do it. I wanted to help women transition from a one to one with me, so I did property coaching and business coaching with them, and then transferred them over and asked if they wanted to join the membership.

Launching the Membership [4:05]

Stu: Let’s talk about what happened. You had your clients who you had been talking to about the possibility of doing this idea. How did you go from that point to eventually launching the membership? 

Sapphire: I joined your membership and while going through your process, I learned about a success path and the journey from start to end. I felt that’s what the missing link was all the time. You always start something, but where does the journey end and where does it go beyond there? So, the beyond there can be set as my coaching side of it. But for the middle part, the beginning and the success path, I needed to create a linear journey that was implementable. 

Then, it was about setting a date, and that was hard. I moved the date four times because

I felt I wasn’t ready. But you said something about just getting started. So I thought, “I’m going to throw it out there.” I set my date and I lost all of my data that I had to recover and set the launch date again. When I set the launch date, I was invited as a guest to another group, and she just said, “Present.” It blew up on there and within a few hours I had 30 members in it.

Doing the Founding Member Launch [8:02]

Stu: You did a founding member launch, talk to us about the mechanics of that. How did you put it out there that people could come and join you as a founding member?

Sapphire: I followed your cues, tips and scripts, and reordered them according to my audience. Because it’s not just one script fits all, you have to configure it to suit your audience’s needs. I was invited to do a webinar that I presented on the first of November last year, and I took it in each day, so they were all invited. They knew that I was going to be speaking, the email sequences went out that they shouldn’t miss, they should sign up for it. And I think I was one of her biggest audiences on her platform, I’ve done the webinar, and the questions were phenomenal, people really wanted to know how to get onto my membership. Then, I’ve done another email sequence in a slide format and a four day workshop, and then that led into another webinar from where I got more members on board.

Pricing the Founding Members [10:12]

Stu: Talk to us about the pricing that you’ve structured for your founding members. Because I’m always curious, sometimes people will set up lifetime access for their founding members. Sometimes it’s a monthly access, so talk to me about how you structured your pricing.

Sapphire: My initial founding member is lifetime access, and it was £97. Then, I found another launch, I called it the main launch and it was £147 per month. And that’s ongoing payments, as opposed to the founding member, because I wanted to collect the feedback. I explained that to them. I went through the process of why the price is what it is, and told them that it will go up when I do the main launch after collecting their feedback. I wanted to demonstrate that to give feedback is quality and is priceless. Their feedback helps in the long run, it helps the students that are going to be coming on board in the future. So, they will be part of the integral of the future membership going forward.

Tips for Starting a Membership [13:19]

Stu: I live and thrive on the stories of people putting what they’re learning into practice and getting results. And I can see in that twinkle in your eye that the same is true for you and that now is where the fun part happens. Now, when people are taking what they’re learning, putting it into practice and getting results, you can start sharing those stories. That’s when it really becomes meaningful, and I’m excited for what this is going to mean for you as you begin moving forward. What tips would you have for somebody who was where you were just a few months ago thinking about a membership?

Sapphire: We can all make up excuses for our journey through our life process but feed off of what you know in your heart. Always go for what you believe that you know you’re

capable of doing. All you’re doing with a membership is imparting your knowledge onto other people. And if you help one person, you’ve helped many because that one person will then pass that out to many other people. So, just do it. Don’t get it perfect because there’s no perfect membership site out there. Once that happens, you start to tweak and get it more right because you’ll get the feedback from your members and they

will tell you exactly what’s working and what isn’t. 

Then secondly, don’t let the fear stop you and trap you in your moving forward. Fear is a crippling thing to have. I’m on this live and as much as you see me here, this was not me last year, February. I could not sit in front of a camera and do a live in front of anyone. It’s got me now in a space where I have something to say and understand what I am going to be delivering. So get out of people. Put yourself in a position.

Final Thoughts [19:32]

Stu: Great piece of advice here. Do you have any final thoughts?

Sapphire: I just really want to thank you because you’re the catalysts of me having this now. You’ve brought so many different levels of joy and pain at the same time because you’ve made me think, you’ve made me do a process that I was uncomfortable with doing, and you opened up my mind and my knowledge to say you can learn more and you can do it this way. You showed me the right way and I followed that path. Believe me, the way Stu has taught this and the way I’ve implemented it is the same way you will implement it, and what you’ll learn, and you will become successful if you follow the success path.

Stu: You’re amazing. I appreciate you. Where can people go to learn more about you, Sapphire?

Sapphire: 50 Savvy Women is my core company, you can find me on any social media platforms or at

Memorable Quotes

We can all make up excuses for our journey through our life process but feed off of what you know in your heart. Always go for what you believe that you know you’re capable of doing.” – Sapphire Gray

Don’t let the fear stop you and trap you in your moving forward. Fear is a crippling thing to have.” – Sapphire Gray


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