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How To Prepare Buyers For Higher Ticket Offers with Marley Jaxx

What’s the best way to prepare potential buyers of your high-ticket offer? In this episode, Marley Jaxx is going to share some creative strategies she’s been using in her business to drive the sales of her memberships as well as high-ticket offers.

Interview with Marley Jaxx


Using a Challenge as a Front-End Offer [1:04]

Stu McLaren: Marley has a business called Jaxx Productions and it is focused on helping you build tried-and-true video content marketing strategies that you can rely on to drive massive impact for your audience and also profit for your business. Marley, you were telling me about something that has been working like gangbusters for you in a variety of different ways. Can you give us a little backstory in terms of what this thing has been?

Marley: About this time last year, I just had a high-ticket service and a high-ticket coaching. People wanted to join so badly but once they found out the price point, they would say they are not ready for it yet. I knew that I had what could help these people, so I started thinking how I can create something for them that’s lower ticket but still gives them the same value, whether it be making more money or getting the systems in their business.

I had been hearing about things called a challenge as a front-end offer. So I launched my first challenge called the 21 Days to Infinite Video Impact, where I teach people how to make videos that are evergreen assets, lead generation machines, and are like salesmen spreading their message around the world. I was spending 21 days with them, and they were forming habits of the skills and abilities that I was teaching them. But they were also getting into the habit of consuming my content and being part of this community, so they didn’t want it to end and were wondering what’s next. And because I’ve been able to get people results in those 21 days, it was very easy to sell them into a monthly recurring high-ticket or low-ticket membership. 

Stu: I want to unpack this a little bit. Why did you pick 21 days? Was it because you wanted to have a longer period to form those habits? 

Marley: Yeah, I’ve seen challenges that were 5 or 30 days. I started thinking how can I make this succinct, so that I’m just giving them bite-sized enough material but it’s still creating a transformation every day for 21 days. So, I started by putting together my curriculum. I wanted to make sure that it was long enough to create the community but not too long to overwhelm them. I thought 21 days was great for forming the habits but also creating that connection in the community.

How to Plan Out Your Challenge to Deliver the Best Results [6:51]

Stu: When you began planning out your challenge, were you looking to help them achieve a certain result by the end of the challenge? Talk to me a little bit about how you plan your curriculum.

Marley: I took my high-ticket service and my coaching program, so that they could have these evergreen assets in the form of videos that help them generate leads and sell their products and services. And I thought, how can I give them the same results in a shorter time span for a lower price and in a way that could be repeatable for me, so that it’s not me just constantly trading hours for dollars? I knew that by the end of this challenge I wanted to show them the foundation of being able to create this content machine for yourself. And like I said, we have clients that have made thousands of dollars in the 21 days, which shows them that they can get the result just by implementing everything that really only takes 5 to 10 minutes a day.

Stu: I think one of the key things that I wrote down here was the balance between not giving so much that you overwhelm them, but giving them more than enough that you are overdelivering. How much content were you delivering each day?

Marley: I would do a Facebook Live every day at 9am for an average of 10 minutes. I follow this format called ELSA, and it means Epiphany, Lesson, Story, Application. Before I go into that lesson, I know what’s the “aha” moment that I want them to take away from this. What’s the Epiphany? What’s the lesson that I’m going to give them? But instead of just being the Charlie Brown teacher at the front of the classroom, I want to tell it in the form of a story. What’s going to keep them on the edge of their seat and captivated and connected to me, and then also thinking of their own personal experiences that they can resonate with. And then, at the end, here’s how you go away and how you can implement this from what you’ve learned.

Rolling Out the High-Ticket Offer [9:17]

Stu: For the transition after you’re coming toward the end of the challenge, how do you then maneuver from there? Because as you said, you were using this one to ascend people to a higher price coaching program, but also to fill your membership. So what happens at the end of the challenge?

Marley: At the end of the challenge, it’s over and one celebrates. But before it’s even over, there’s already that tension of, I’m loving this so much, I don’t want it to end, what’s next? So, I tell them that we’re going to have graduation training on day 22, and it’s a webinar. We have the big headline, teach them the three secrets and how to implement this next step. At the end of it I say, ‘Is it okay if it takes 10 to 15 minutes to go over a special offer I’ve created for you?’ Then I show them the next step, which is a $997 program, a course that they can ascend into, the next level of community, and we have a closed cart period for that.

After that, for everyone who didn’t sign up, we offer an upsell which is my high-ticket membership. Because the next question that’s asked is how can they get more access to me? How can they have more resources, more plug and play, more templates? It’s this program called Content Machine Coaching and here’s the link to apply.

For the people that didn’t sign up, we send an email and continue in the Facebook posts and things like that. Usually if they didn’t sign up, it’s for one of two reasons. Number one, maybe they’re not ready yet, maybe they’re not financially there yet and that’s totally okay, we’d love for them to keep dissecting, and maybe join the challenge again. The second reason is maybe because they want more. They don’t want just a self-directed course, they want a bigger community and more access to coaching. If that’s the case, I have a few spots available in my Content Machine Coaching group, click the link below to apply.

So, we do an upsell sequence for a few days. And then, for the people who don’t sign up for that, we do a downsell sequence to either a lower ticket membership, something less than $100 a month, or they can join the challenge again.

Lessons Learnt and Tips for Launching a Challenge [12:43]

Stu: You’ve been running this multiple times throughout the year. Talk to me about some of the lessons you’ve learned each time you’ve done this.

Marley: It’s evolved over time. I wish that I knew then what I know now because my first few challenges would have converted so much better. The first time, my offer was wrong at the end with the graduation training. But the good thing is a lot of people take the challenge again, so I have another opportunity. I learned a lot about just keeping the community together, creating opportunities for the alumni to come back.

I actually implemented a swag drop in every challenge, where we offer a free shirt for everyone who wants to join the next challenge. I think that’s why some people have taken the challenge four to six times, because they love this T-shirt that shows that they’re part of this community. 

Stu: What tips would you give for anybody who is hearing this and thinking that a challenge would make sense for them to prepare their audience for purchases or the bigger offer. What can we do to help our people get to the point where they are perfectly positioned for our primary offer? 

Marley: One of the things that I teach my audience is that the transformation is in the transaction – you can give your audience a higher transformation at the higher levels of services that you provide. It’s not about you making money, it’s about being able to serve your community. And if you can help them build their business or strengthen their relationships or improve their health, that’s where you’re going to be able to build the biggest audience.

I would recommend for anyone starting this to look at how you serve your audience. Typically, your audience is a version of you from a few years ago. Most of the time we create a product or service based on what we needed, the solutions that we came to find on our journey, no matter what that is. So, can you take what you know, your skills and abilities, and think how you can break that into bite-sized 21 days of transformation for them and in a way that they actually walk away with a result or something that they can implement in their life, relationships or business?

The Power is in Community [18:25]

Stu: Any final thoughts for everybody listening?

Marley: I get so passionate about this because I’ve seen it work for me and for all of my clients. It’s such an amazing way to not just send an audience but to build your audience from the front end. It’s a lead generator, it indoctrinates your audience towards your message, it builds this raving community. And it’s not just about you. When you build the community, it becomes about them and about we. To have that kind of power behind your business is so powerful.

If there’s anyone that wants to follow what we’re doing to see an example of it, or on my Facebook, I do this thing called the Infinite Cash Flow Show, where I bring people on and I workshop their blueprint with them for how they can build this system. It’s great for people to watch just to see ideas for how other people are doing it and how they can do it, too. You can find it at

Memorable Quotes

One of the things that I teach my audience is that the transformation is in the transaction – you can give your audience a higher transformation at the higher levels of services that you provide. It’s not about you making money, it’s about being able to serve your community. And if you can help them build their business or strengthen their relationships or improve their health, that’s where you’re going to be able to build the biggest audience.” – Marley Jaxx


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