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Creating Crazy Momentum From a Standing Start (Part 1)

Often we’ll hear an idea or strategy and think “oohh… that’s good”.  The question is, do you put those ideas into practice? Today you’ll hear from three people who took action on what was shared in episode 171. Prepare to be inspired!

Inspiring Stories

Jessica: PDF Sewing Pattern Designer [07:45]

Jessica is a PDF sewing pattern designer and Mother of 6 kids. She thought that everything had to be perfect, but she got out of her own way and went for it! At first, she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to compete with the bigger companies who could offer much lower pricing, but quickly realized that her members were willing to pay a premium to get access to something the big companies just couldn’t offer… her!

Her Founding Member Launch got 114 members and over $5,400 in the bank. Now she’s striving to bring home her husband from Corporate America!

Kathleen: Virtual Cooking Club for Kids [14:58]

Kathleen had a brick-and-mortar recreational cooking school, and provided all sorts of in-person classes. She was having her best year EVER, but had to close the doors when the pandemic hit. She since pivoted, and created a virtual cooking club for kids and teens. Her free club took off, and since launched a paid membership. She got 57 members in less than a week! This allowed her to pay all of her bills AND sign up for the TRIBE Experience.

Freda: Virtual Paint Parties [20:20]

Freda also had a brick and mortar business. She held live group paint nights for many years for people who are not artists. She served families, where everyone paints together. It was a mobile service and she had an art studio, but COVID forced her to shut it down. So she too pivoted online. What started as a couple of live virtual paint parties, led to 261 members! She’s still scared, still nervous, but she’s continuing to move forward!

Serving Your Members and Helping them get Results [24:32]

What do they all have in common? They all have characteristics, which are critical for long term success of a membership – they care about the people they serve and the results that they get. A membership is about serving your people and helping people get results.

Memorable Quote

A membership is about serving your people and helping them get results.” – Stu McLaren


MYB 171: A Super Simple Launch Strategy With Shockingly Good Results

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