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How To Fix A Failed Launch

What do you do if your launch doesn’t get the results you were hoping for?  I explain your next steps in this episode

Big Ideas

Set Up Conversion Points [1:52]

Firstly, I look at conversion points. These are the points in your promotion or campaign upon which people are either going to say yes, or they’re going to say no. And this is why I love direct marketing. Direct marketing allows us to have these conversion points, while big brand marketing doesn’t.

What are some examples of these? If you sent an email out to your list, there are a couple of yes/no conversion points. Did people open an email? If they did, did they click the link in the email? When somebody landed on an opt-in page, did they submit their email address? If they did, did they show up for the webinar? And did they buy after watching the webinar? There is a whole bunch of conversion points that we can look at to help us identify where the breakdown is in our marketing campaign.

When you’re debriefing your launch, what are the big needle moving conversion points that you should be paying attention to? With our Searchie launch, we had three distinct conversion points – our opt-in page for the webinar, our show-up rate and our conversion rate. We identified that the number of people who opted in to the webinar was really low for our standards, and so was the attendance. But the conversion for the people that were on that webinar was really high. That enabled us to identify that we needed to make some tweaks in what we’re saying on the front end in order to entice more people to attend the actual webinar.

Assess The Numbers In Your Performance [5:38]

Secondly, you have to assess the numbers. Look at where you are low, and where you could improve those numbers. If you’re low on your opt-in percentage, it means your messaging is off. If you have high opt-in numbers, but you don’t have high attendance rate for a webinar, or high click-through rates in proceeding emails, then you’ve have to assess that particular scenario and identify what you could do to improve that conversion point. If people are signing up for a webinar but are not attending, then that’s where you need to put your attention. If your conversions were high on the opt-in but they were low on attendance, then you’d put in different strategies and tactics to help you boost your attendance rates. But if your opt-in rate was high, your attendance was high, but your conversions were low, then you need to focus on improving the sales messaging.

Make Small Tweaks For Bigger And Better Results [8:41]

The conversion points are important to look at, because they help us access where we’re falling short in our overall campaign. From my experience, you’ll start to see that there is a red flag in one particular area. And if you tweak that one thing, you can almost immediately see a huge jump in performance of the overall campaign. Don’t try to fix everything all at once, that’s one of the biggest mistakes made by rookie entrepreneurs. After you look at the conversion points and assess the numbers, make 2-3 tweaks without reinventing the entire campaign.

With our Searchie launch, we didn’t change up the entire webinar presentation, instead we just changed the messaging on the front end. We started focusing our messaging on the problem versus the tool. If you want to make improvements on your marketing promotions and campaigns, you have to make tweaks.

Memorable Quote

Those of us who succeed long term, we just have the resilience to be able to stay with it, to be able to figure out what really works and what doesn’t. Double down on the things that do, and eliminate the things that don’t.– Stu McLaren


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