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My 5-Part Framework For Teaching Anything

How do you teach so that people get results with what you’re sharing?  I’ll show you in this episode with my super simple 5-part framework.

Big Ideas

Hook Your Audience [2:25]

Number one, you need a hook that speaks to the problem, the transformation, or the quick win that your market wants to achieve. The hook is the thing that’s going to pull them in and create interest in what you’re about to say. Think of this like the headline of your content, the title of your Facebook Live, your podcast episode or your YouTube video. Whatever piece of content you’re creating, this needs to be the very first thing you mention because this is the thing that creates interest in people consuming your content.

Share A Great Story [3:20]

Number two, share a quick little story that gives context, like where did this thing that you’re about to teach come from? You have to make it relatable because people remember the stories. Give them content around what you’re talking about. 

Present The Lessons Learned [3:51]

Number three, share the lessons. I never like to exceed three to five lessons because people can’t digest more. How many of us have ever listened to those podcast episodes that go on for quite a long time? There’s one million and one great ideas, nuggets, strategies and tactics, but by the end we’ve forgotten half of them. If you want people to do something with what you’re teaching, slow down and don’t overwhelm them. If you’re feeling like there’s going to be more lessons, break it into more parts, but never exceed three to five key lessons that are going to help move people forward. 

Don’t Forget A Call To Action [5:10]

Number four, make sure you have a call to action. You never want to teach something without giving your audience a next step. You have to give them an action item. What do you want them to do with what you’re teaching? What’s the first step you want them to take? So often I see people sharing great information and then leaving their audience hanging without giving them clear instructions on what to do next. And when I say a call to action, I don’t mean that you’ve got to sell something; a call to action is simply a next step. What do you want them to do with what you have just taught them? Give them the gift of clarity by giving them a specific next step.

Summarize What You Just Taught [6:40]

Number five, summarize what you have just taught. When you summarize what you have just said, you allow people’s brains to catch up with all the information that you’re sharing with them. You allow people’s brains to sift and sort what they have just heard and organize the information in a way that it’s easier to take action on.

Memorable Quote

You never want to teach something without giving your audience a next step.” – Stu McLaren

If you want people to do something with what you are teaching, slow down, do not overwhelm them.” – Stu McLaren


Jennifer Allwood

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