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My Favourite Time of the Year

Brief Overview

This is my favorite time of the year because we are gearing up for our free TRIBE workshop, where we are going to share hundreds and hundreds of stories of people just like you – entrepreneurs in different markets with different kinds of businesses. We really get to open your eyes to the world of possibilities when it comes to generating recurring revenue in your business. But where did all of this start?

Big Ideas

How My Curiosity and Experience Helped Me Get Started [2:06]

I have been running membership sites for decades, in fact I used to own shares in a company that was the world’s number one membership platform for WordPress. We were powering over 70,000 online communities and membership sites, and through that, I learned what worked and what didn’t work when it came to running a successful membership site.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that there was a small group of membership sites that were growing year over year. And so I started paying attention to what those people were doing to grow their sites. What I noticed is that they were incorporating a whole bunch of uncharacteristic strategies – things that you wouldn’t normally think would work, were working for them no matter what market they were in.

Selling My Shares and Creating a Membership Site [3:17]

I got inspired and I realized I wanted to try that myself. I sold my shares in the membership software company, and I went to start my own membership. I partnered with a gentleman by the name of Michael Hyatt, who at the time was coming up with a New York Times best-selling book, and we created a membership site. This was my opportunity to use all that I had learned being behind the scenes, powering over 70,000 online communities and membership sites.

So I poured everything into it – from the strategy and the content to the marketing and retention strategies. And it worked. In the first week, we welcomed 1,100 paying members, after a year we had 2,500, after year two we had 4,500, and after three years we had accumulated over 6,000 monthly paying members.

How Did TRIBE Finally Come to Life? [5:02]

I started to get phone calls and messages from people who had heard what we were doing to grow this membership, and they were wondering – how are we doing this? Ultimately, a good friend and mentor of mine, Mr Reid Tracy, who is the CEO of Hay House, reached out to me and told me that he was willing to donate over $100,000 to my charity if I would be willing to teach him and nine other people everything that I know about membership sites.

I didn’t know it at the time but this was a major moment in my career. I agreed to host that workshop, and after that great first meeting, words spread and I ended up doing another live workshop in Toronto a month later, and another one in Hawaii a couple of months after that. Finally, I got invited down to Brazil, and I ended up conducting a workshop for 40 people there. And this became the basis of what is now known as TRIBE.

TRIBE has brought thousands and thousands of amazing people into my life, and I am forever grateful to Reid Tracy for making me realize that there was a tremendous value in what I had learned over the years. I especially have fallen more in love with our clients and customers. I absolutely love hearing their stories. In fact, we even started a whole podcast called It’s A Tribe Thing where we document these stories.

Stop Sitting on Your Knowledge and Wisdom [7:25]

We launched TRIBE in August 2016, and it created massive momentum. In the first 10 months of our company, we grew it from 0 to over $6,000,000. It goes to show that sometimes we have this amazing source of knowledge and wisdom, and we are sitting on it, while there are so many people in the world who would love to know exactly what it is that we know.

Chances are, you have something in you that you can biggie size – a part of your business, an idea, or a concept that you want to get out into the world. But for whatever reason, something is holding you back. I want to give you three quick tips and ideas that I’ve learned in the last three years through this business.

Stop Waiting for Clarity and Start Taking Action [11:44]

Number one, clarity comes from forward action. Many times we are waiting to get the clarity before we take action, but the clarity that you are seeking is only going to come when you get in motion and start doing something. I had no idea that TRIBE would blossom into this incredible business, but the only way I got here is because I had somebody who pushed me to take action. And because I took that action, it led to all the next workshops, and gave me the clarity that I can do this, which ultimately led me to the launch.

But even when I had the clarity, I still had hesitation. Finally, my friend Jeff Walker told me that he really wanted to support me, but for him to help me promote what I was doing, he needed to know the exact day of when I was going to launch.

So often, when we are nervous and unsure, we tend to hold back and hesitate. But Jeff cemented me down to one date, and that put things in motion again. Don’t wait and don’t try to plan everything perfect, because it will never be perfect, but you are going to learn more through doing.             

Why You Need to Nail Your Messaging [14:11]

Number two, your messaging matters. If I look at what we have done in the last three years and the company that we’ve built, messaging is something that you absolutely want to nail. First, you have to get clear on who you specifically serve. If you try to serve everybody, you’re going to end up serving nobody. The more specific you are, the easier it is for you to attract the people you want to serve. And second, you need to make sure you help them bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be.

Get Results for Your Clients [15:40]

Number three, if you want long term success, just get results for people. Once you’ve made a sale, the whole focus for you and your company is to help your clients get a result. Every win matters, because as soon as you get a win for your clients or customers, you have a story. And when you share that story, it’s instantly going to become one of your most powerful marketing assets to help you attract others. People see themselves in other people’s stories. When you start sharing stories of what’s possible, you start opening people’s eyes to what would be possible for them. And when your business is entirely focused on helping people get results, you can’t help but win long term.

Why the Recurring Revenue Model is the Future [23:07]

When it comes to what you already know and have available to you, you absolutely can create a recurring revenue string in your business. It’s the reason why big companies like Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Spotify and so many massive companies are moving to a recurring revenue model. It’s more stable, more predictable and most importantly, it eliminates a ton of stress because you are never wondering where are your customers are going to come from, you are never hoping customers are going to come back and buy from you again, and you know exactly how many of them will be spending with you each and every month.

It does not matter what market you are in, you can add recurring revenue to your business. And to open your eyes to those opportunities and how you can achieve that, I want you to come join us for two weeks for free starting from April 25 – just go to and sign up for the training.  

Memorable Quotes

Don’t wait and try to make the perfect plan, because it will never be perfect. You are going to learn more through doing. ” – Stu McLaren


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