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My Top 3 Personal and Professional Hacks for Success in Business and Life

I was asked what my top 3 personal or professional “hacks” were for succeeding in business and life. In this episode, I’m going to share what I said.

Big Ideas

Create Rules For Your Top Priorities [1:04]

Number one, I create rules for the top priorities in my life. The more success you experience, the busier you’re going to get, and the more opportunities that will come your way. The only thing that is going to keep your priorities a priority is if you do the decision making ahead of time and create rules for your life.

For example, my number one priority is my family. No matter how much success is available to me, if it means that I’m going to sacrifice my family, it’s not worth it to me. It doesn’t matter if there are hundreds of millions of dollars on the table, I would never trade my relationship and my livelihood with my family for any amount of money. So I never travel more than once a month where I’m away from Amy and the kids for more than four days at a time. If there are multiple opportunities I’m invited to, I have to either say no or bring the family with me. Whenever you’re conflicted in terms of what you should do, the rules will help you make those tough decisions.

Obsess Over Your Customers’ Results [4:45]

Number two is a professional hack. As a company, we obsess about our customers’ results, not about our results. The number one marketing asset that we have are the stories of people in our audience who are getting results with what we teach. We obsess about how we can help you generate more recurring revenue in your business easier and faster. And we know that it’s also going to help us generate a ton more sales in the future. Those people you’re selling to see themselves in the stories you share, and it works like a magnet that attracts more and more people. If you continue to help your people get incredible results, you’re going to have the most powerful marketing asset in the world.

Learn To Delegate Decision Making [6:47]

Hack number three is to delegate decisions and not just tasks. In most cases when we’re building our team, we’re delegating tasks, but when the team has questions about the tasks, they come back to you to make a decision. Imagine if you could empower your team to be able to make decisions as well as deliver on tasks. You remove that bottleneck of them always having to come to you.

It’s a super powerful concept that has enabled me to empower our team to be able to move things faster. During any type of promotions, I like to look at all of the emails that are going to be going out and give them one final pass over. The problem was that if I was traveling or delayed on anything, it was holding the entire campaigns up. I delegated the decision by saying to our team that I do want to have a final look, but if I don’t get a response back within 24 hours, then they should move forward with what they think is best.

So, what’s one rule that you could make today to keep the main thing the main thing? What could you implement to help your customers take one more step towards their goals? And what decision could you delegate?

Memorable Quote

Keep the main thing the main thing.” – Stephen Covey

Delegate decisions, not just tasks.” – Yaro Starak


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