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An Awesome Idea For Thank You Pages

Brief Overview

If you listened to episode #84 of the podcast, titled The Super Surprise, then you know how my wife and I love to orchestrate a super surprise for somebody that we love, whether it’s a family member or a friend, and create an amazing experience for them.

This time we teamed up with my sister and brother-in-law to do another super surprise as an early Christmas present for my parents. My parents are huge Toronto Raptors fans, and I saw an opportunity to get courtside tickets for the game.

I love being a buyer as much as I love being a seller. After purchasing the tickets, I landed on a thank you page that sent my mind swirling. It had a really simple offer that said, “Thank you for your purchase. Your purchase unlocks a free trial from Harry’s Razors. Get a razor five-blade cartridge and shave gel for just $3 shipping. Learn more.” Instead of just saying, “Hey, thank you for your purchase”, they found a way to continue the relationship.

There is real estate that you and I have in this virtual world of ours that we are not utilizing. In this episode, I am going to give you three areas of opportunity on thank you pages that I want you to think about and leverage.

Big Ideas

Maximizing Opt-in Thank You Pages [6:34]

There are three different types of thank you pages. Type number one are opt-in thank you pages that are shown after somebody submits their name and email in exchange for something. To maximize that thank you page, you could suggest that they join your Facebook group, like your Facebook page, follow your Instagram or subscribe to your YouTube channel. Or better, you could drive people to subscribe to your podcast if you’ve got one or have a trial or a low-cost offer for something, like Harry’s Razors did.

I learned this from Rachel Miller who tries to be very intentional about taking the momentum from one area and transferring it across all different areas. She really wants people who subscribe and like her stuff to interact with her in a whole bunch of different places, which takes the relationship to a whole different level.

Get You Webinar Participants Excited to Show Up [8:24]

Another thank you page that I want you to think about is a thank you page for a webinar or a summit. With an online summit or specifically a webinar, the most important thing for you is to make your people show up for an actual webinar. To really get them excited and entice them to show up, you could give your participants a little bit of homework, an incentive to share the webinar, or tease them with something they’ll get on the webinar. The whole focus here is getting them on the live webinar, or getting them to consume the live summit content. Think about what you could be putting on that thank you page to really move forward with them.

Build A Positive Frame Of Mind For Your Customers [9:48]

Finally, the purchase thank you page. We did an experiment with the purchase thank you page for Tribe last year and it worked tremendously well. So much that when we offered our Tribe experience on our live webinar, people purchased. When they were landing on the thank you page, it was such an experience that they were coming back on to the live webinar in the comments and encouraging other people to buy just to experience it for themselves.

After somebody purchases, we want to immediately wow them because the moment when they land on that thank you page for your purchase is very crucial. It’s an opportunity to set the stage for their overall experience because there’s always that little bit of doubt when somebody makes a purchase. You can completely reverse all the doubts that are going through your customers’ heads and frame them up to make them super excited instead.

What kind of things could you put on there to make that moment special? For us, it was a very unique and fun video that just got them smiling and in a positive frame of mind, and more importantly, made them tell other people about it.

One of the first times I purchased from Zappos, I picked regular shipping and on the thank you page, they said, “We actually just upgraded you to expedited shipping for free. Thanks for purchasing with Zappos.” That’s an example of one of those moments where they have intentionally thought about that thank you page experience.

Make It Special [13:15]

These are just three examples of thank you pages, but what I want you to do is think about the frame of mind that somebody has when they land on those thank you pages and how you could maximize that opportunity. How can you make that moment special so that they go into an experience with you with a hugely positive frame of mind? If you’ve squashed all worries and fears about this purchase, they’ll be so excited that they are telling other people to go buy just to have the same experience on that thank you page.

When you’re a buyer, you start seeing things through a whole different lens and start seeing opportunities everywhere.

Memorable Quotes

There is real estate that you and I have in this virtual world of ours that we are not utilizing. Think about how you can maximize those opportunities to make each and every moment special.” – Stu McLaren


MYB 084: The Super Surprise

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