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A Magical Marketing Force

Brief Overview

If you have made any sales, then you have a VERY powerful marketing force available to you. The question is, are you using it? I’m going to tell you what it is and how to leverage it in this episode.

Big Ideas

Responding to Customer Questions During a Launch [00:39]

One of the things that’s really important during any promotion or launch is that you are responsive to answer people’s questions. Because if people have questions that go unanswered, they will have a hard time making a buying decision until they get answers.

In the midst of our recent Tribe launch, we had a ton of questions coming through from people of all levels—people from the early stages of growing their business, all the way to the seasoned vets who have existing membership sites and have been around for years. We were literally getting thousands and thousands of comments.

Myself and the team were responding to as many as possible, but then it dawned on me that there was a much more powerful approach. Rather than myself and the team answering all of the questions, we could have our past customers come in and provide their responses and suggestions as well.

Calling Upon The Magical Marketing Force [04:19]  

We just asked if they would come in and share their thoughts and our community showed up in full force. I’ve heard a lot of people say that don’t like asking their past customers to do this because there’s a sensitivity to whether or not they’re going to say the right thing. People think “What if they turn potential customers off?” or “It will be much better if I control the marketing message.

Well here’s what I’ll say about that… If you do your job up front, love on your customers and help them get results, then you don’t need to worry because they’re going to show up and they’re going to talk about their experience. And if you’ve created a great experience for them, then why worry? They’re going to be talking about the amazing experience they’ve had with you and with your course or your product or your service or whatever it is that they bought from you.

It’s a whole different dimension when your past clients and customers show up themselves to share. It’s a different tone, feeling and experience that our potential new customers get when they hear from other people, just like them.

So, if you’ve got an upcoming promotion, I want you to think about how you can involve your audience and your past customers in a big way, because when you do, magic happens!


The Circle of Awesomeness

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