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Playing the Long Game

Brief Overview

Today I’m sharing the behind the scenes of my new speaking strategy that I used at Traffic & Conversion Summit. Did it work? Listen in to find out.

Big Ideas

Give Your Audience A Way To Follow Up [06:30]

When you speak on stage, it’s super important that you give people a way to follow up. One tip I learned from Pete Vargas, is that you want to offer something physical. My team created this really extensive membership blueprint, which is what I was talking about on stage. It’s all about our strategies for acquiring new members to a membership site. As a physical giveaway, I ended up offering this blueprint to audience members at this years Traffic & Conversion Summit, which resulted in collecting 250 new email addresses (half the room).

Now it’s just a matter of seeing whether or not the follow up campaign does it’s job. The follow-up campaign is pretty simple. Basically, love on them, serve them, and deliver great content. And if they convert into paying customers, amazing! But if not, that’s ok too. Because sometimes, the timing isn’t right for people, and that’s ok.

Immediate Vs. Delayed Gratification [08:48]

For this event, while there’s an immediate return that I’m looking for, there’s also the long game. This trip was a long game play. My goal was to make sure the presentation was well received and that I delivered for that audience (500 people). Now hopefully, if I did a good job, I’ll be invited back next year. And at that time, I’m hoping I’ll be able to land the main stage, which is where the BIG opportunity is (6,000 people).  

A Marketing Strategy For Long-Term Results [09:46]

As business owners, we need to do things in our business, especially with our marketing, that sets us up for the long-term. Too often, every promotion that I see from entrepreneurs is so focused on the here and now. But the real rewards for you and I, are in the long game. So the question I want to leave you with is this… What can you do today, that will set you up for tomorrow? What actions can you take today that will set you up for next month, or next year, or 3 years from now? Every marketing effort that you put forth today, could impact tomorrow.

Memorable Quotes

It’s ok to sacrifice the short-term wins, to get the long-term gains.” – Stu McLaren

Episode 29: Grow Your Business Through Speaking
Traffic & Conversion Summit
Pete Vargas

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