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Rise of the YouPreneur with Chris Ducker

Brief Overview

How do you build a deeper relationship with your audience? In this episode, Chris Ducker shares his trick for building a base of raving fans.

Q&A With Chris Ducker

Q: What’s been your most effective marketing Strategy? [01:19]

A: Showing the behind-the-scenes. For me, this is the silver bullet for the personal brand entrepreneur. It’s to show people the nuts and bolts, the gore, the warts and as well as all the wins. That’s what we’ve done. We’ve done everything from filming team meetings to recording podcast sessions to showing the self-publishing process. People eat it up, because the transparency shows people that I am actually building a real business here. It’s not just blogging and podcasting. There’s real staff, there’s a real facility, there’s a genuine planning procedure behind things, like the Inaugural Youpreneur Summit. I had people come up to me in London in November when we held that event and said to me “The only reason I’m here is because I saw your Snapchats.”  or “The only reason I’m here is because I saw you share that on Instagram Stories.

I think it is also important from a personal branding strategic perspective as well because people want to do business with other people. In the book I talk about P2P. It’s not B2B or B2C. It’s P2P. And if you go behind-the-scenes, warts and all, and you show people the bad stuff, the struggles as well as the really fun and exciting stuff, they’re on board man. I mean, they’ve got skin in the game. Whether they’ve actually spent any money with you yet or not, they’ve got skin in the game, they’re invested, and they want you to succeed and that’s huge.

Q: So, how can people start applying this in their particular business? [06:13]

A: Ok, let’s break down a few difference scenarios. Let’s say you run a membership site that offers a monthly mastermind call. Before you go live on that call next time, switch open Instagram, go live and say, “Hey, I’m about to go live with our members for a monthly mastermind call and I thought this month I might do something a little bit different. For the first 10 to 15 minutes I thought I’d bring you along for the ride to show you how these things start off and how quickly we get into the value. So here we go. I’m going to start the call.” It’s that easy.

Or maybe you sell a physical product… We actually have a member inside of Youpreneur that sells kids toys that are handmade. This is behind-the-scenes gold. Show the arm falling off and having to fix it back on that little fluffy pink elephant. Show these things. Go on Instagram Stories. Go on Snapchat. If you run a live event, open on Instagram or on Twitter Video or Periscope, or Facebook Live. Go Live and show the green room where all the speakers are hanging out before they go on stage. There’s so much you can do. It’s so easy today to be authentic and transparent and show the behind-the-scenes that if you’re not doing it, I would beg to say that you are doing it at your own financial peril, plain and simple.

Q: Is there a platform that you would recommend people get started with? [11:22]

A: Yeah, the one where your people are hanging out the most, plain and simple. The two questions I get asked all the time are “Where do I do it?” because there are so many different options and “How long should the videos be?

My answers are simple… Do it where your people are hanging out the most. Don’t become selfish just because you prefer one platform over the other. If your people are hanging out on Facebook or Instagram, that’s where you’ve got to show them. They’re not going to come to you. You’ve got to go to them.

In terms of duration, It should be as short or as long as it has to be to show them what you want to show them. With Instagram Stories, they’re 15-second videos. You can show a lot in 15 seconds. While it may seem quite short, when you’re actually holding that camera and you’re showing a conference or a dinner party or a sports game or the inside of your office or whatever it is, 15 seconds is a lot. So, you can go real short there or if you want go longer, you could always hop on Facebook Live.

Q: You have a brand-new book coming out called Rise of the Youpreneur. Tell us about that and where people can get more info. [12:54]

A: Rise of the Youpreneur is like a manual to building a personal brand business. We call it the definitive guide because it really does cover everything from building, marketing, and monetizing your personal brand, your expertise, and your personality. And it wasn’t initially my intention to write a book on this subject. As you know, we launched the membership community, Youpreneur. Everybody loved it, but we noticed after about a year there were several gaps in our learning library.

We needed to fill those gaps and as part of that process of brainstorming how we were going to do that, I noticed the majority of the information was landing into three main buckets… Building, marketing, and monetizing. And so, that became what is now the Youpreneur roadmap. It eventually occurred to me that all this content could be turned into a book. So, that’s how the book was born. People can grab a hold of it at They can also search for it on Amazon.

Chris, as we wind down, any final thoughts? [15:00]

A: Yeah. Just be you. When you meet Stu in person, he is the same Stu that you’ll meet at a conference or watch on the video. He’s the same guy who you see goofing off with his kids. Honestly, man, you’re one of the most authentic guys I know and the reason why so many people love what you do is because you show them YOU and I think that’s so important. So, I would say as a passing word of wisdom, just be you all the time. People want to do business with you, not your products, not your services. It’s all about you.

Memorable Quotes

Show the behind-the-scenes. If you don’t, you are doing it at your own financial peril, plain and simple.” – Chris Ducker

Just be you. People want to do business with you, not your products, not your services.” – Chris Ducker

Rise of the Youpreneur

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