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3 Simple Questions That Produce More Sales

Sales are flat and conversions are low… so what do you do? Answer these three questions, use your answers in your marketing and you’ll instantly boost sales.

Big Ideas

What Problem Are You Solving? [5:44]

Question number one is, what problem are you solving? In Tribe, we spend a lot of time walking people through a proprietary process that we developed called The Success Path. It helps guide your people from where they are to where they want to be. But it also creates the gap between where they are and where they want to be, and makes them naturally want to close it. So when you are presenting your offer, you have to be clear about the problem that it’s solving. How is someone’s life going to be better for being able to solve that problem?

Why Is It Important To Solve That Problem? [6:59]

The second question is, why is solving that problem important? It’s not enough to assume that people are going to connect the dots between the problem and why that’s important. If you really want to boost your conversions, you have to explain why. If you aren’t connecting the dots for your audience, you’re leaving too much opportunity on the table.

What Will The Outcome Make Possible? [8:28]

Question number three is, what will that outcome make possible? We talked about people wanting to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be, but when they get to where they want to be, what will that make possible for them? This is important because it forces you to explain the real benefit, not the surface benefit. For example, I help people add recurring revenue to their business through membership and subscription. We could just leave it at that and hope that people make the conclusion what recurring revenue might make possible for them. But if we go the extra mile, and answer what will that outcome make possible, it’ll force us to explain the real benefit.

We teach you how to add recurring revenue to your business so that you don’t wonder where the next sale will come from. By doing that, you’re going to eliminate a ton of stress and add stability to your business. It’s going to give you peace of mind to be able to grow with ease, and give you more time and money for people and causes that matter most. If you want to close more sales and boost your conversions, you can’t leave things up for interpretation. You have to connect the dots for them, and when you do, you eliminate the thinking and connect with the emotion.

Foreshadow The Ripple Effect [12:10]

Here’s one bonus tip that’s going to increase conversions even more. I want you to amplify the positive by foreshadowing the ripple effect. This is not just about solving that problem today, but if they get to that outcome today, what’s the long-term ripple effect? Foreshadow that positive and you’ll amplify the results even more. But also, amplify the negative by foreshadowing the impact of the unsolved problem. In our marketing, we have to talk about the negative of not taking action. If they don’t take action today, what’s the long-term ripple effect of that unsolved problem? But if they do take action today, what’s the long-term positive ripple effect of that outcome?

Memorable Quote

If you want to close more sales and boost your conversions, you can’t leave things up for interpretation.” – Stu McLaren


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