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I’m Going on a Mini-Tour

I’m going on a week long tour speaking at Amy Porterfield’s event, James Wedmore’s event and Christy Wright’s Business Boutique. Listen in as I share how I plan to maximize these opportunities.

Big Ideas

Get That New Content

First and foremost, speaking events are about creating new material. If I haven’t spoken on this topic before, I’m creating new material, new stories, new presentations. But also, we’re getting new materials for Searchie, because at all three events, we have a booth where we’re going to be sharing it with all event attendees. It’s a very new and unique chance for us to share with real people, face-to-face, what Searchie is, what it does and how it’s completely changing the landscape for all content creators. We’re flying our video team in to be able to help us capture this experience on video that can be used either for our social media or other projects. 

Meet Your People in Person

Secondly, it’s going to give us a chance to connect with our audience. In the grand scheme of things, one of the best opportunities is to see the people you have had an opportunity to serve face-to-face. Every time I get together in person with our TRIBErs, I hear more stories of people launching and growing their memberships.

If you run any type of program, helping people create transformation, like TRIBE does, the best thing that you can do is to meet with your people in person. They will share stories with you that you had no idea about. At two of the events, we’re actually hosting meet-ups, intentionally giving a space for our TRIBErs to show up so that we can connect and meet with each other. What’s more, it creates connection between our TRIBErs. I believe the future for membership sites is both the online and offline connection. And when you combine the two, it becomes a really powerful force. 

The Greatest Gift of Being an Entrepreneur

And the final reason that I’m looking forward to this trip is to raise money for our charity. I believe that being an entrepreneur is one of the greatest gifts that is available to us, because it gives us an opportunity to make a whole lot of money. And I love to make money. Not because the money can buy me cars, houses, fancy clothes or anything like that. But because the money gives us an opportunity to do more good in the world. At the end of the day, It’s not about the money, it’s about what the money makes possible. And having financial resources available to you means that you can give and contribute to the people and causes that you’re most passionate about. 

Make an Impact

I struggled for a long time when it came to making money. I felt this immense guilt about making money, so much so because I grew up in a very blue collar family. Both my parents had two full-time jobs, they worked really hard, and yet we weren’t the most financially successful family. 

I realized that working hard doesn’t necessarily mean financial success. And I started asking more questions, “Who is earning more money, and how are they doing it?” What I discovered is that those who were earning unlimited amounts of money were entrepreneurs, people who started their own businesses. My guilt has been finally lifted when I was in Kenya, building schools for the children, and realizing that the more money I make, the more impact I can have. 

I highly recommend you watch the new Netflix series called ‘Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates.’ He’s the guy that’s made billions and billions of dollars, and together with his amazing wife they’re transforming the world, because they’re solving problems in this world that nobody wants to touch. It’s incredibly inspiring to be able to use your entrepreneurial skills to solve and help so many people.

Memorable Quote

The future for membership sites is both the online connection, and offline. And when you combine the two, it becomes a really powerful force.” – Stu McLaren

It’s not about the money, it’s about what the money makes possible.” – Stu McLaren


The Entrepreneur Experience by Amy Porterfield
Business by Design (BBD) Live by James Wedmore
Business Boutique Conference
Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

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