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The Circle of Awesomeness

Brief Overview

In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you the circle of awesomeness. This my friends, is the key to your long-term success, my long-term success, and every business’s long-term success. It’s all coming up in this episode.

Big Ideas

[04:39] When you and I make a sale, the first thing that we should be focused on is delivering results. I help my clients launch, grow and scale recurring revenue, whether it be in the form of membership sites or SAS services or what have you, but that’s our specialty. What results are you getting for your clients? If your clients get results, then you have a great story to tell. And when you’ve got a great story to tell, your marketing becomes way easier and way more effortless. So, these are the steps to the circle of awesomeness:

  1. Make the sale
  2. Help your clients get results
  3. Produce a story
  4. Share that story

When you do this, you’re going to generate a lot more sales! This my friend, is the circle of awesomeness.

[06:20] I was up on a panel a couple of weeks ago at an event, which was focused on how to sell without selling. And I said, “The way that I sell without selling is I just tell stories.” I just tell stories of our clients. We just hyper-focus on helping our clients get results and after that, we’ve got all these great stories to tell.

No matter what objection I face or what kind of avatar I’m working with, I have a story that matches their particular scenario or situation. Below are some examples of the types of scenarios I’ve helped my clients with, that make for great stories:

  • “You don’t have time? Oh, that sounds a lot like…”
  • “Oh, you don’t have the resources right now? That sounds like a lot like…”
  • “Oh, you don’t have an email list right now? That sounds like a lot like…”
  • “Oh, you’re in the early stages? That sounds a lot like this person…”
  • “Oh, you’ve already got an established membership site, but it’s leveled off? It sounds a lot like this person…”

It doesn’t matter what objection or what scenario or what avatar I’m working with or speaking to. I’ve got stories for days where I can speak to them and it’s because we focus on the circle of awesomeness. Make a sale, help your clients get results, produce a great story, and then share that story.

Quote to Remember

Long-term success is dependent on our ability as business owners to produce a result that the client is looking for. If we do that, we’re going to have stories that we can tell. And if we have stories to tell and we can share them, it makes our marketing easy and effortless and that’s how we win long-term.” – Stu McLaren

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