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The Forgotten Asset

Brief Overview

26-30% of your new buyers could come from this one exciting resource. And the best part is, every entrepreneur can tap into this RIGHT NOW.

Big Ideas

A Staggering Statistic [01:00]

A friend of mine, Susan Garrett, told me that 30% of the people who bought during her most recent promotion, had actually been on the exact same promotion she previously ran. So in other words, 30% of the people who had seen her sales promotion before, and did not buy, ended up buying in her most recent promotion. This was a staggering stat and a great reminder not to forget about the people who DON’T buy your products and services.

It started to make me think about all kinds of different nurture campaigns and follow up ideas that I’d like to use for my next promotion. Because these people are hot leads that maybe just didn’t say ‘YES’ the first time around.

The Forgotten Asset [03:13]

In marketing and in business, it is very easy to solely pay attention to the people who bought. And it makes sense right? We’re business owners, and our “best” people are those who buy. But here’s the forgotten asset that’s a HUGE opportunity for you and I as business owners. Many times there will be a big percentage of people who didn’t buy the first time around, but then decided to buy later on. They may not have been ready the first time. It could have been poor timing, or lack of capital, or something else. The key point here is that the relationship should not end when the promotion ends. We should be very intentional about how we continue to nurture the relationship with prospects, even when they don’t buy.  

Think About What You Can Do For Non-Buyers [04:30]

It’s natural for us to think about how we will continue the relationship and knock the socks off the people who decided to buy. (e.g. wow them with service, frequent communication, etc.). But what do we do for those who didn’t buy? Here’s what I want you to do. As you begin planning out your next promotion, think about what you could do for these people.

My friend Susan follows up via email and thanks non-buyers for participating, while also giving them a free and relevant ebook. She uses this as a way to bridge the relationship, provide value, show her gratitude, and invite them to her Facebook group where she can continue to deepen the relationship.

If you do something like this, the next time you go into a promotion, you’re going in with a much more rewarding relationship and people are going to be much more open to buying when the timing is right for them.

Memorable Quotes

Don’t forget about the people who don’t buy.” – Stu McLaren


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