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“Why are you settling?”

“Why are you playing small?”

“Do you not believe in what you’re doing?”

When he first asked me this, I felt myself getting defensive. Almost angry.

Of course I believed in what I was doing. But the moment he said it, my heart started pounding faster.

He was openly challenging me, and I felt like I had to respond.

So I blurted out… “YES! I absolutely believe in what I’m doing.”

Right after, there was an awkward moment of silence. He could tell that he had touched a nerve.

But he pushed again… “Then why aren’t you willing to talk about what you’re doing?”

Instead of reacting, I stopped for a second. This was a friend. Someone I considered a mentor.

Was there any truth in what he was saying? Was I hesitating?

Here’s what I realized…

This wasn’t an attack. It was coming from a place of love.

He knew what I had would change a lot of lives. But he could see that I wasn’t confident enough to share it with more people.

And he was right.

And BTW – what he was talking about was my charity.




I hesitated telling anyone about it because I didn’t want people thinking I was guilting them into contributing to our cause.

I didn’t want to be seen as selling the cause. I was hoping people would just naturally want to help.

But here’s the lesson…

If you don’t intentionally get the word out, people will never have the opportunity to join you.

And if he didn’t challenge me, we definitely wouldn’t have built 8 schools to date (with two in construction).

We wouldn’t have raised over $1.5MM for our cause. And, thousands of kids wouldn’t have a school to attend.

That’s why I want to challenge you.

There is a COST OF NOT GETTING THE WORD OUT about what you have to offer.

So let me ask you…

Do you have a product, a service or message that would change a lot of lives?

If yes (which I believe you do)…

Then why are you hesitating?

The #1 mistake I see entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches or consultants making is they don’t have an effective strategy for sharing what they have with the world.

It’s a shame. So much good sits idle.

It never sees the light of day because people are afraid of selling (just like I was).

Now is the time for you to draw a line in the sand.

No more “hoping” that people will find you. It’s time for you to intentionally make it happen.

Here’s my simple 3-step plan…

1) Pick One Platform and Master It

That could be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat or whatever feels best for you. But pick ONE. Learn it. Master it.

Can you expand to other platforms later on? Yes. But in the beginning, keep it simple and manageable. ONE platform. Got it?


2) Become Known For Something Specific

When people introduce you, what will you be “known for”?

If you want to gain a lot of traction fast, then become known for something specific. Solve a particular kind of problem.

For example, I want to help ALL entrepreneurs. But I realized that trying to help everyone with everything is a LOT more difficult than building momentum in one specific area. So I started with solving a specific problem where I have established credibility and expertise – recurring revenue.

Will that lead to other things? You bet.

Will that lead to more “generic” offers? You bet.

But I’m intentionally staying hyper focused on a specific problem first. It’s the fastest way to build an audience.

And then finally…

3) Get Consistent

Once you’ve picked a platform and identified where to get specific, now it’s about consistently staying on message.

Consistency is the key. You HAVE TO produce. You have to stay in front of people.

Now hear me when I say this…

It doesn’t mean you have to produce a TON of stuff. It does mean though that you need to consistently stay in front of your audience. So commit to a schedule.

That could be once a week, twice a week or more. But establish a schedule you can easily maintain.

If you follow this simple plan, the effects will compound over time. Your momentum will start small but over time (because of your consistency), you will find your results begin to skyrocket.

The world needs what you have. Now it’s time to get it out there.





  • Great points applicable to both charitable and personal work Stu! Effective strategy plus confidence – anything else?

    • Consistency. Consistency is like interest. It compounds over time. And the more consistent you are, the better results you will get.

      • Thank you! I’ve learned (and am applying that knowledge) so much just from watching your free training! Many blessings to you and family this Christmas Stu!

  • Hey Stu, I just heard about you through the great TRIBE course you (occasionally) offer. Keep writing good stuff, and we’ll watch for your course to re-open in the future. Best,

    Jesse Moskel

    • Thanks Jesse! I appreciate you dropping by.