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How Should You Adjust Your Marketing Amidst COVID-19?

What changes should you consider in your marketing as we navigate the Coronavirus?
I’ll explain 3 necessary tweaks that will help you continue to grow your business during these crazy times.

Big Ideas

Adjust Your Messaging [05:15]

Your messaging must take into consideration the coronavirus and people’s situations, whether it’s related to their health, or the health of their loved ones. Inevitably, we’re going to know somebody at arms length who is experiencing the coronavirus at a serious level. We also have to take into consideration who we’re marketing to, because there are a lot of people whose businesses, or the businesses they’re working for, are suffering during this time. Always take into consideration what’s happening both on the health and on the business front.

In your messaging, you need to weave in why what you’re offering is even more important right now. In many cases, the coronavirus situation has given people more time as they don’t have to travel to events and meetings, they’re at home. People want to be productive and use that time. Use it to your advantage, be sensitive, be empathetic, and realize that there are a lot of people who are being impacted by this, so you have to meet them where they are.

Offer Pricing Plans [10:05]

I see a lot of people who are giving away some of their best programs for free. In their heart, it’s a very generous thing to do, but long-term it’s actually going to be very dangerous. Imagine if all of us start giving everything away for free, there’d be no money going back and forth, and it would come to a standstill. Therefore, nobody begins to make forward progress. But the way we’re going to get this economy back on the road is if we pay people for stuff. I don’t think we should be giving everything away for free, because despite the fact that it has good intentions, it’s not good for the business and the economy long-term.

Instead, you can make adjustments related to pricing. For example, with our TRIBE program, we typically don’t have any more than a three payment plan. This year though, we’re going to extend the payment plan much longer. We want to do everything that we can to support people.

Double Down on Audience and List Building [14:00]

Building your audience and your list are fundamentals to what we do as it relates to business. Right now, our ad cost has dropped dramatically, because so many businesses are pulling back their advertising, which has created more supply. This presents a great opportunity to build your audience and your list, to come out at the end of it even stronger. There’s never been more people spending their time online than right now so use that to your advantage.

Memorable Quote

“There’s never been more people spending their time online than right now, so use that to your advantage.” – Stu McLaren


Tamara Bennett
Episode 001 – Marketing Is Simple

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