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A Big, Gigantic Force That’s Holding You Back… and How To Eliminate It

I’ve seen it over and over. There is something that could potentially halt your success in its tracks if you’re not careful. I’m going to tell you what it is and how to eliminate it forever in this episode.

Big Ideas

The Backstory [00:17]

I have been doing some cleanup around the office, and as I was going through one of the old hard drives, I came across a report that was shared about 15 years ago by John Reese. One of the things he spoke about was how so many people who want to have progress and have success as an entrepreneur miss the boat so often because of their ego. So often when those people see a course, a membership, or an information product, they say, “I’ve heard this before. There’s nothing new here. I’ve tried this before.” And they discount thinking that they know it all.

The value is in the few new ideas that that product contains. People shouldn’t be so quick to focus on the things they already know. They should be seeking new ideas and things they can immediately implement to make more money.

The Value of an Idea [2:34]

As entrepreneurs, there’s so much value in just finding that one idea to be able to get a return on so many things. For example, this year, my business partners and I joined a mastermind for $30,000. Because we’ve started a new software company,, we wanted to surround ourselves with other software companies because we know the value of an idea. We know if we just get one idea, we’ll see a return. And so, there was one idea that immediately produced $120,000 for us.

One of the people in the group shared how they had just got funding from both Stripe and Amazon. They have a program where they support and fund early-stage startups in the hope that by giving them some early funding, they’ll use their platforms and integrate them into the new software application in order to expand their reach. They give you credit to both Amazon AWS, the backbone, and then Stripe, the payment processing. And so, my business partner Andrew immediately ran with that idea, applied in the exact way that was shared in the group. And what do you know? We got a $100,000 grant from Amazon and a $20,000 grant from Stripe. So this is what I’m talking about here – all it takes is just one idea. And the way in which you get unstuck is you let go of the ego by doing these three specific things…

Invest in Yourself [6:40]

Number one is you have to invest in yourself. That may mean, investing in an e-book, a membership, a course, a coach, a consultant or a mastermind. You can’t stop investing in yourself. If somebody has a ton of experience, you can tap into that wisdom and shortcut your learning curve. It’s worth it because you get to the results easier and faster. If you want to take the long, hard road, that’s your decision. But if you’re willing to check your ego at the door and invest in yourself, you’re going to save yourself so much time.

Open Your Mind [8:13]

Number two is you have to open your mind. You can’t go into it thinking, “Ah, I’ve heard this before. I tried this years ago. It doesn’t work. There’s nothing new here.”  If you go into it with that mindset, you’re never going to be open to the few ideas, the nuances, the subtleties that will make a big difference. As you experience more and more success, you’re going to run into a more dangerous situation where you begin to feel like you already know everything. And you’re going to close yourself off to learning from people who may not necessarily be at your level yet, but they’re doing some things right, maybe in a different and unique way. You’ll still be doing the same old things in the same old way, and you won’t be open to new shifts, new breakthroughs, new things that are coming down the pipeline. As you grow, make sure that you are opening your mind not just to people who are further along in the journey than you, but also people who are behind you in that journey.

Use What You Learn [10:06]

Number three, use what you learn. Do not sit on great ideas. Do not sit on great strategies. Do not sit and wait until you get everything perfect or until you know exactly what to do. Because knowing what to do is only half the battle – you’ve got to put it in practice. And when you put it into practice, you can immediately see returns. This is why TRIBE is a perfect example. It’s a no brainer for people because if all TRIBE does is help somebody welcome nine new members at $20 a month, it’s paid for itself. You would easily get one new idea being immersed in the TRIBE experience that would help you welcome nine new members.

Memorable Quote

If you want to get unstuck, you have to let go of the ego.” – Stu McLaren

The more success you experience, the more dangerous it becomes that you start to close your mind off.” – Stu McLaren


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