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The #1 Conversion Booster of All Time Is…

What’s the number one conversion booster of all time? In this episode, I’m going to talk about the number one thing that’s going to help you get more clients on the front end, and keep the clients you’ve got happier and paying month after month.

Big Ideas

Result Is The Only Thing That Matters [0:33]

I was in a back-and-forth conversation with a client, a friend of mine named Jasmine Star. She reached out to ask a couple of questions as a follow up to a consultation that I did for her and her husband regarding their membership site. She was talking about potentially hiring for a role in her company – somebody to continue to focus on helping her members get better and better results. And she was asking, is this more of a retention role, or a content role? What would be the job description for this?

The reason I love this question is because Jasmine is focused on the only thing that matters for your long-term success, my long-term success, and every other entrepreneur’s long-term success. And that’s the results. It doesn’t matter what product you’re selling, whether it’s a physical product, a service, information, a membership, or a community. Why are people buying from us? They’re buying from us because they want some kind of a result. They want to improve their life in some capacity. If we only focus on selling, but we don’t focus on consumption and helping people get results, then long-term, we’re going to struggle. So, how do we help people get better results with the products and services that we sell? There’s three steps to getting better results for your clients…

Measure The Progress [4:24]

You have to measure the progress. Where are they when they first buy your product? And where do they want to be? If you don’t have some sort of measuring stick to be able to see whether people are making progress, then you’re never going to be able to attribute the progress that they make to your product. This is why in TRIBE, we instruct all membership site owners to have what we call a success path. Which is a fancy way of describing a measuring stick to be able to measure the progress that people are making from where they are to where they want to be.

Track the Progress [5:23]

If people aren’t getting the result that they have purchased your product for, you have got to ask why. Where are they getting stuck? What are the sticking points? And how can you make it easier and faster for them to get the result that they’re after? Because at the end of the day, if they are not getting a result, then you don’t have a story to tell. And the biggest thing that’s going to boost your conversions are proven stories of results. Stories of people just like those who are thinking about buying, who had the exact same problem and they’ve solved that problem, they’ve made massive progress because of you and what it is that you offer. So, you’ve got to obsess over where people are getting stuck.

When we asked this question to our TRIBE, and dug deeper, we found out people didn’t know exactly what to say. They were getting stuck on the words to use, even though they knew exactly what to do. And if we weren’t tracking the progress, then we would never know where people were getting stuck. We’ve always got to do something to fix that and help people get results.

Tweak to Improve Progress [10:30]

Here’s an example of how we tweaked to improve the progress. As I mentioned, when we asked why, we found out that a lot of people were stuck on not knowing what to say, despite understanding the strategy. So, we created a template script, and that moved more people into action because they only needed to fill in the blanks. But then we took it a step further and made it even easier. We created a whole app, whereby people literally just answered questions. And by answering the question, it automatically fills in the script for them. So, by the time they finish answering these questions, they’ve got a tailored script they could just copy, paste, and go.

Obsess Over Helping People Get Results [12:56]

If you obsess over helping them get results, the stories of those results will become your greatest marketing asset. It will help you generate far more clients on the front end, it’ll help you keep more clients on the back end, and overall, your business will accelerate like you have never experienced before. It’s not enough just to sell the product. If people don’t consume your product, don’t use your product and don’t get results with your product, then it’s going to become difficult.

Memorable Quote

If you obsess over helping them get results, that one thing alone, the stories of those results will become your greatest marketing asset.” – Stu McLaren


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