Think about one company you love doing business with.

Now think about one you don’t.

What’s the difference?

Chances are, one made your life easier or better and the other somehow complicated things or frustrated you.

One major key to building a company that people love, is to make things easy for your customers. From the way you communicate to the way you sell, if you simplify things for the customer today, you will win customers over for years to come.

Below is a simple example of what I mean.  I’ve also included five areas every business owner can improve to get more business.

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If you’ve ever had an idea (and weren’t at your computer), then you’ll love this new 3-step process I’ve created for capturing my ideas while on the go.

I decided to create this process after my drive to the airport.  While in my car I began listening to some podcasts and inevitably, I had some ideas.  The problem was, I didn’t have an easy way to capture them.

Sound familiar?

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